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    im wanna share with you how Jesus answered my prayer. prayer changes things. believe it. ask Christ to give you the right motives for what you ask for, you must ask or you will not receive. 
    understand that if you are open to Christ's leading, it will be clear what He wants you to do. ive been praying for awhile asking Jesus, "is working in Korea a thing you want me to do? is that desire, a desire you put there?" the signs that He gave me is a whole other story, but the prayers i asked were answered. how? here it is. 
    okay so a tiny bit of background, i was raised in my church and i have been there for 20 years. no Asians EVER were going to my church.. okay?. a few months ago, i asked Jesus "Lord send me someone to teach me the Korean language and culture." i was asking that persistently. not too long after this, an elderly Korean gentleman showed up at my church. not Chinese, not Japanese, not Mongolian, not any southeast Asian, but Korean. he, my father and i were talking and my father mentioned that i was interested in working in Korea, he immediately offered to teach me the language and the culture and everything i wanted to know! im thinking to myself, since when did Asians come to our church much less Koreans , people who ive been praying about? (Lord send me Koreans to teach me). that was my prayer. 
    and now, this man and i will begin meeting this weekend every weekend. its exactly what i asked for. this man was raised in South Korea. after that, he had a home in Washington state. now he is here in my state.  today after our second lesson, he said something like this "now i know at least one reason why i am here(in this state), to teach you."
  i asked Jesus for it, i didnt just hope for it and think about it, i brought it Christ and gave it up to Him. He is my Lord, He is my creator and knows best. He wants you to ask him. prayer changes things. praise be to Jesus!